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homeMy name is Margo Upson, and I write about impossible things.

I write about long-dead soldiers who wait a hundred years for a second chance, and about women who fall through time. I write about pirates lost in time, who want nothing more than to find their way home. 

I also write about the things that matter.

I write about betrayal and loneliness. I write about hope and second chances. I write about love.

I write about women who are more than damsels in distress.


Welcome! I’m so glad that you’ve stopped by. I’m an Indie writer working towards the release of my first novel. I started writing as a teenager, but never considered making a professional go of it until earlier this year. My stories combine modern heroines, historical adventure, romance, and the paranormal, which makes for an exciting tale but a tricky genre.  I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy writing them!


Grisamore: Coming Summer 2016

Stone Home During Civil WarEmma Roberts expects drafty windows, a leaking roof, and sagging shutters when she buys Grisamore, a neglected historic home sitting on an old Civil War battlefield. What she doesn’t expect is Benjamin Alderson, a Confederate captain still waiting for a second chance with the woman he left behind in 1863.