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How will you share your story?


Are you seeking a traditional publishing contract, or are you the DIY type? Whichever route you choose to get your books into the hands of your readers, you need to know how to market yourself as a writer and, as an extension of that, how to market your books. Self-publishing authors need to be able to find and connect with their audience. Even authors who chose to go the traditional route need to have a platform in place before seeking a book contract; many publishers want proof that a new author has an audience in place before they’re signed.

The challenge, as a writer, is that no one told us that we’d need to know these things. Learn how to plot a story, how to write snappy dialogue, and how to create a compelling character. Practice your craft! 

None of the advice included “learn how to build a platform” or “learn how to identify and reach out to your audience”. We’re often stuck trying to make sense of the business side of writing, something that we weren’t prepared for.

There is a lot of advice out there, and most of it is incredibly useful, but every story is an original, and so is every writer. The marketing strategies that work best for one writer may not be the best way for you to reach your audience. Let me help.

Like most writers, I’ve been writing stories since I could first string a few words together. It wasn’t until earlier this year, with the start of Grisamore, that I decided to pursue writing as a career. Marketing, however, is an area where I have a bit more experience. I started out as a freelance writer, and had to learn how to market my services. After realizing that I loved marketing just as much as I loved to write, I returned to school to work towards a degree in marketing. My plan is to combine my love of marketing with my love of the writing community. That’s what led me to where I am now.

I’m in the process of starting an author marketing business as a part of a new author services website (see more about Compose Creatives here). It’s not ready for prime time yet, but I’d really like to have some clients and positive reviews behind me when it’s time to go live. To get to that point, I decided to start offering my services a few months early.

What do I offer?

  • Marketing Plans (both basic and extended, with custom strategies for your specific needs.)
  • Marketing Checkup (a brief analysis of your current strategy, with recommendations for future tactics.)
  • Websites for Writers (a basic five-page website, with options for additional pages and features.)

I’m offering my services at a special introductory price until Compose Creatives is up and running. In addition , I’m also offering a referral incentive. If you love my work, let other writers know. If you refer someone to me, and they make a purchase, you’ll earn a $5 credit towards your next purchase. It’s my way of saying thanks for believing in me.

Learn More About My Individual Author Marketing Services