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The First Draft of Grisamore is Done!

civilwarOn August 4th, I officially typed up the last chapter of Grisamore. And then promptly poured a glass of wine to celebrate.

I ended up with somewhere around 51,000 words, and a plan for the first round of revisions. Right now, it’s set aside while I get started on outlining the next novel (and getting ready for another semester of school), but I’ll be printing the whole thing out and attacking it with a red pen starting on October 1st.

Remind me to buy another black ink cartridge before then. And maybe some paper.

Now that I’ve finished with the first draft, it’s a little easier to read similar titles and make comparisons. Grisamore is still very much a skeleton of the final piece. I know where I want it to be, and I know where I have to go next. In October, I’m going to focus on adding a bit more to the plot and making basic corrections. Then, I’m setting it down again until after Christmas (making time for NaNoWriMo and the last month of school). In January, I start the historical work. That’s going to be the challenge.

There are historical novels that really draw readers into the past. Outlander comes to mind (Has anyone else watched the show on Starz?). I read the first novel a few years ago, and then read it again a few weeks ago, in preparation for the series premiere. I’m currently working my way through the second book in the series. Diana Gabaldon did her work. The novels are rich in historical detail, and there aren’t any annoying information dumps. I’m taking notes as I read. There’s a lot of inspiration in Gabaldon’s work.

In the mean time, I am playing around with a few different outlines. I’m trying put together my research and outline for my NaNoWriMo novel, a pirate tale. I’m also playing around with a kidlit idea. My girls are both fascinated by my pirate research, but I couldn’t find many middle grade novels (or books for younger kids) about young girls as pirates. I found a couple, and I know there’s more out there that I’m not finding (and probably some really good ones, too), but I’m putting a little bit of work into a short kids novel about a girl who runs away and accidentally finds herself on a pirate ship. The novel probably won’t ever be more than just something for my kids to enjoy, but it’s something to write a bit more on every day. I can’t put it down and walk away; the girls expect new material every night, and I’d hate to disappoint them.

It’s also turning into a really fun project. I’m enjoying it more than the girls are.

School starts again in another week, so I’m trying to spend more time reading (and away from the computer), and that means that I don’t get much writing in until late in the evening. At the moment, it’s my bribe to keep the children laying quietly in bed at night; if they interrupt me, there’s less story for them to enjoy the next night. It’s surprisingly effective. 😉

With Grisamore out of the way, I can also spend a bit more time preparing Compose Creatives for launch. Keep checking back; new information is coming soon!

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