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A Huge Grisamore Announcement

BenI met Captain Benjamin Alderson when I was still in high school. My initial attempts at writing his story involved a young woman who inherits her grandmother’s southern home, and finds out that the strange man who used to talk to her when she played there as a child was actually a Civil War ghost.

At 15, I wasn’t ready to write Ben’s story, so I let him slip into the place in my heart where I keep all of my characters without a tale, and I moved on.

I pulled him out every few years, trying to learn more about his past and what he wanted for his future. Each time, I’d learn something new. I learned that he was waiting, and it had nothing to do with me and my slacker-styled writing habits. I learned that he was a man in love, and that, just as painfully, he was a man lost and alone. I learned about the betrayal that cost him his life.

A few years ago, with NaNoWriMo approaching, I pulled him out again, and this time, he was ready to share. And finally, more than ten years after our initial meeting, I had a story to write.

I finished the first draft of Grisamore just over two years ago. I’ve edited in fits and starts since then, but it’s taken me until now to commit to turning that rough first draft into something that is polished and ready for publication.

I have my work cut out for me, but I’m moving in the right direction. More than that, I have a deadline.

Over the next six months, I need to finish the first edit and send Grisamore out to a handful of beta readers. After that, I’ll do more edits, and send it to a second run of betas, and then finish up any remaining changes.

During that time, I’ll also be shopping around for the perfect cover and learning how to format a book for digital and print formats.

I have a couple interviews lined up to help get the word out.

And this summer, Ben’s story will finally hit the shelves.

Grisamore will be available in print and on Kindles on August 2nd.

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