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Stone Home During Civil War

Grisamore is a house with a haunted past and an uncertain future.

When the Civil War came to Murfreesboro, Tennessee, Grisamore served time as a Confederate field hospital. Now, the home sits empty, an easy target for developers looking to take advantage of its proximity to Stones River National Battlefield. In a desperate bid to save their beloved landmark, a group of locals rush to find a buyer that will help to restore and preserve the home.

As soon as the brochure for Grisamore lands on Emma Robert’s desk, she knows that it is the perfect opportunity to make a name for herself as a historic preservation specialist. Even with its leaky roof, sagging porch, and faulty wiring, Grisamore is exactly the chance Emma has been waiting for. What she expects is a routine restoration. What she finds is Captain Ben Alderson, a Civil War soldier still waiting for a second chance with the woman he left behind in 1863.

When danger arrives on Grisamore’s doorsteps, Emma and Ben must team up to right a 150-year-old injustice, a mission that will bring Emma back in time to the moment when it all started.

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